Before he could ask, Mrs. Gu took it and said, Why is it okay It's all bleeding. When she mentioned blood, the old lady got dizzy. Chengcheng, you are so irresponsible to An An. You make money every day. You have the same virtue as your father when he was young. Can you make enough money Is our Gu gummies vs oil cbd family short of money Mrs. Gu said angrily, thinking Such a good girl like Su Anan was beaten by a group of men, and she felt cbd oil for pain purchase cbd guilty about Su Anan.

If I find out who this person is, I will never let him have an easy time. In this case, Mu Jinyu didn't know who broke his hand Su Anan suddenly lost interest in talking to him. An'an. Seeing Su An'an leave after asking, Mu Jinyu stepped forward unwillingly and stopped her from going.

Mu Jinyu had just been beaten by Su in school. An An was kicked, and the pain in his stomach and hands had not subsided. He was inexplicably pushed to the ground by a group of people and beaten severely. He tried to resist, but was beaten even worse.

Gu Mocheng, don't worry, I will prevent your wife from participating in the competition. Xiao Yan followed Gu Mocheng and said to please. Gu Mocheng said softly, No need. Let her play Let her play Xiao Yan thought he heard wrongly.

Su Ruochu only had one bracelet in her eyes. When she saw Su Anan holding it, her eyes were panicked and frightened. When she grabbed the bracelet, she pushed Su Anan to the ground with all her strength. Su Anan was unstable, and when she fell, her arm knocked over the cabinet next to her.

That's not Su Hua's second daughter. The people who came in and out of Gu's were all people from the shopping mall. One of the bosses recognized Su Zihan and asked the people around him in a low voice. The daughter of Su Hua and Jiang Mei.

Gu Mocheng arranged the Gu family's affairs and took advantage of Su An'an's weekend break the day after tomorrow. When he was free, he talked gummies vs oil cbd to them and took Su An'an back. Ah. Su Anan became nervous immediately.

However, Mu Jinyu teamed up with Mu's father to say in front of so many people that Su Anan had a man outside. This was not good for an unmarried little girl. What a cruel thing. The old man couldn't help but look at his cherished eldest grandson.

He and Su Anan did not receive certificates or hold a banquet, but Gu Mocheng naturally regarded the time when Su Anan entered the Gu family as the day when she married him. Oh. Mr. Xu responded. He watched Gu Mocheng call and didn't say anything. Miss Xu said, I have always been curious how much cbd oil should i take for social anxiety about who caught Mr. Gu's eyes. Mr.

But He's mother immediately told Su Hua that she should still call. Su An'an looked at He's mother thoughtfully. He's mother felt uncomfortable when Su An'an saw her and asked, Miss Third, what's wrong Su An'an shook her head and did not ask why He's mother told Su Hua, It's okay. Mother He, thank you for taking care of your sister all these years.

She opened her mouth to call him, How Much Is Cbd Oil Per Liter gummies vs oil cbd but made no sound. An An, follow me quickly. Mrs. Gu urged Su An'an and said, Apologise to Mo Cheng, it's okay. Su An'an glanced at Mrs. Gu gratefully and ran out to race. Gu Zhen and Mrs. Gu Still stand on her side and speak for her.

Fu Xin's text message came in now. Su Anan looked at it and asked her if she had dealt with Gu Mocheng. Su An'an had no intention of replying to the text message. She seemed to have offended Gu Mocheng and couldn't deal with him.

Gu finished speaking, Gu Mocheng heard Su An'an crying from the room, and his heart twitched and hurt. He left because he was heartbroken by Su An'an's cries. An An's fault is also your fault. Mrs.

Mrs. Xiao was a smooth person, and neither Mrs. Gu nor Mrs. Jiang was easy to offend, so she invited them both to the banquet. Why are you here Mrs. Xiao asked. There was something going on at home, so I came late. As she spoke, Mrs.

He is a great general practitioner, what does it look like to treat a dog He is not a veterinarian Now he takes the initiative to treat the dog, which is strange, really strange Okay. Gu Mocheng glanced at Han Longyi and replied.

Can you give me a ride Su Ya said to Su An'an, but her eyes kept glancing at Gu Mocheng. Su Anan is a fool who can't see what Su Ya's purpose is for Does Cbd Oil Mix Poorly With Medicines cbd oil for pain purchase cbd following her Let Su Ya get in the car, and then create opportunities for Su Ya to get close to Gu Mocheng.

It wasn't something wrong with her that Su Ruochu suddenly disappeared, but what Ma He said. He's mother watched her and her sister grow up, and her sister had a very good relationship with He's mother's daughter.

It tasted good. A bunch of scum Fu Xin said angrily after listening to Su An'an talk about what happened on the day of the banquet. Su Zihan and Jiang Mei were so vicious that they even thought of drugging An An and sending her to Jiang Shengxu's bed. Jiang Shengxu and Fu Xin had seen it before.

Her hands moved behind him and hugged him tightly. The two of them kissed from behind under the night sky. In the end, Su Anan leaned in Gu Mocheng's arms and refused to come out. She just loved being held by him.

Su didn't know where he got the news, so he bought a piece of land from the government and planned to build a building there. But what Su Hua didn't know was that the government did not allow the construction of buildings on this land.

The sound, Lu Heng Lu Zhou's furious voice came from the study upstairs. Fu Wan and Fu Xin looked towards the stairs, and Lu Heng walked downstairs with a cold face. He looked at Fu Xin who was crying and walked straight to her. Let's go.

If you hadn't listened to the rumors yourself and thought Gu Mo was growing up ugly, you would rather die than marry into the Gu family. Now it's Su An'an's turn to dominate in front of you.

She looked at the meat buns in the bowl, raised her head to look at Gu Mocheng who was drinking porridge elegantly beside her, and couldn't help but purse her lips and laugh. Last night, she returned to Gu's house and couldn't help but chuckle when she thought of her confession to Gu Mocheng in the car.

When Su Anan was leaving the dormitory, she happened to meet Su Ya. An'an, are you going out Su Ya greeted Su An'an. Su Anan ignored her and left through Su Ya. Su Ya's eyes turned red when she looked at the direction Su Anan was leaving.

1.Cbd Gummies Symptoms, cbd oil and nasal inflammation

Jiang Mei was startled. This man frightened her, and she let go inexplicably. I never hit a woman, but if you dare to deal with Su An'an again, I don't mind hitting a woman myself. Gu Mocheng said coldly.

Husband, don't worry, they can't bully me. Su Anan followed, I will protect myself. If she was really captured by this group of people today, she would fight them to the death. Gu Mocheng looked at Su An'an in his arms, and he couldn't help but lower his head to kiss her.

Mu uncomfortable. She heard that Su Anan followed Gu Mocheng for money. Old man Gu Mocheng had seen this before, but she had never seen him before. From Su Zihan's mouth, I knew that Gu Mo grew up very ugly, so this Gu Mo must not be as good looking as Jin Yu.

There's nothing new about streaking. Dancing in underpants is more interesting. Xiao Yan continued. We have seen so many things like streaking. Where is the fun of dancing in underpants, but dancing in a mask is full of flavor. Gu Mocheng, your nephew is short sighted. You alcohol and cbd gummies have to teach him a lesson. Xiao Yan and Han Longyi agreed.

Although Gu Mocheng was in his thirties, Years old, but it's normal to have a girlfriend. Sir, you stay with Madam, I'll look back home first. Uncle Chen, who was standing behind Su An'an, said to Gu Mocheng. Madam This is the correct title.

2.Is Cbd Gummies Legal In Tennessee, How to take cbd oil for osteoporosis?

Anyway, all the mistakes are Su An'an's fault. Su Hua didn't say anything. What he was most concerned about now was Su. Ahua, don't worry, my mother will help you. Jiang Mei thought for a while and told Su Hua. Su Hua was stunned and looked at gummies vs oil cbd Jiang Mei doubtfully. Is Mrs. Jiang such a kind person What does your mother want Su Hua mocked.

The man behind her stopped her first and said, General. His eyes were frightened, and he slowed down his movements. He did not pounce on Su An'an, but just circled around Su An'an. Su Anan is used to playing with Xiaobai like this, and she usually plays with him when nothing happens.

Xiao Yan called him and proudly told him that he had arranged for someone to beat Mu Jinyu severely, and the result would be satisfactory to him. The man's handsome face was swollen and his hands were broken.

He was worried that she would be waiting for Su Anan at the gate of Ningcheng school. He was also worried, otherwise he would not let Su Anan come out to pick her up. Send me your number on WeChat. Su Anan suggested.

Mu Jin nature source cbd gummies and his wife really wanted a grandson to consolidate their status in the Mu family, but Su Zihan actually beat the child without authorization. As a result, they were no longer able to accept her into the Mu family like before.

It stands to reason that since her sister is missing, Mother He should call her first for the sake of her sister. If it was really Han Longyi who took away his sister, then He's mother could contact her and ask her to take her sister away smoothly.

The worst thing he did in his life was not cherishing her. He waited for her to betray him before he regretted it, Honey, I miss you. After Su Hua said this, he looked at her photo with a smile on his lips, and then took out his cigarette. He smoked quietly and said no more.

No way Su Anan felt that gummies vs oil cbd her fate tonight was miserable. She thought At this time, Gu Mocheng's car passed over again. The car moved forward quickly without can you buy cbd gummies online legally stopping. Su Anan was wondering whether she and Fu Xin had seen it wrong.

What bad luck Su Anan looked at the group of people chasing Gu Ziming pointing in her direction, and they drove to follow Gu Ziming towards her. Because of Gu Ziming's words, they regarded her and Fu Xin as Gu Ziming's accomplices Su An'an, gummies vs oil cbd Xiaoxin, get in the car quickly Gu Ziming shouted loudly.

Su Anan didn't understand that Lu Heng was determined to take Fu Xin away, but Fu Xin was still hesitating. Are you worried that Fu Wan will have a hard time in the Lu family Fu Wan cares about her own interests, pleases the Lu family, and turns a blind eye to Fu Xin.

Su Anan pitifully said Looking at him wistfully made Gu Mocheng want to laugh. She looks like a poor kitten like this. No. Gu Mocheng said with a faint smile. Seeing Su Anan in his arms lowering his head, he couldn't bear her discomfort. He lowered his head in her ear and whispered softly, I'm here to accompany you. There's nothing to be afraid of, I'm here. Gu Mocheng's gentle and powerful voice made Su Anan laugh happily, with him by his side Well, let her stay in the hospital for one night.

Thank you Mr. Gu for taking care of An An. Su Hua said with a smile. Like his feelings for Su An'an, Su Hua is a very complicated person. It can even be said that he became a bit marionberry cbd gummies morbid after the death of his ex wife. Su Anan followed Jiang Mei upstairs. She knew very well who sells super cbd gummies that when Jiang Mei and the others asked her to come up, it was not for Zihan's clothes, but for something else. Auntie, I can't fit into Zihan's clothes.

3.Cbd Gummies Just Chill, montkush cbd oil

Kick him to death, make him talk bad, make him a scumbag. Mu Jinyu didn't think that what he said was too much. He cbd gummy bears for fibromyalgia told all the scandals about Su Anan. He wanted to see who else wanted Su Anan who was so miserable.

Gu Mocheng stood there and watched Su Anan go to the bathroom. This was not teasing him After flirting with her halfway, she still left. While cbd oil nano enhanced for pain thinking about it, Gu Mocheng's face showed a doting What Is Topical Cbd Oil For smile. Gu Mocheng drove Su An'an to the location agreed with Fu Xin.

Mr. Mu's eldest son was Mu Jinyu. Jinyu's parents welcomed the guests on behalf of the old man. Mu's mother saw Su An'an first, and she pushed gummy bear sweets cbd Mu's father beside her. Why is she here Mu's father asked with a cold face. When he gave the invitation to the Su family, he said that Su An'an was not allowed to come over. Why is Su An'an here How do I know Mu's mother was also anxious. Nothing should happen on such an important occasion, otherwise she would lose face to the Mu family and be ridiculed by the second roommate.

She looked at Gu Mocheng doubtfully and said, Xiaobai is not dirty. He takes a bath every day. Su Anan thought that Gu Mocheng disliked Xiaobai for being dirty, so she explained. Stop hugging Xiaobai from now on.

Love the sound. Ah Yeah The sound filled the entire Gu family, and it was too late for Su cbd gummies oprah winfrey Anan to turn it off. And now her face turned red, she felt like she couldn't breathe, her legs seemed to be tied to the ground, and she stood blankly in front of Gu Mocheng. Not long after, the voice in the video became softer, and Su Anan heard Gu Mocheng speak.

Thinking of what Old Madam Gu said on the phone before, Gu Mocheng's face sank, No need. You don't need to answer the old lady's calls in the future. Yes, then I will ask the servant to put water in for you to take a bath. Uncle Chen continued.

You What's wrong with Chou That's Gu Mocheng. 8 0 w. txt 8 0. cc Jiang Mei couldn't help but accuse gummies vs oil cbd angrily, because Mrs. Jiang knew that Su Zihan did not come to Gu's house, and Mrs. Jiang scolded her, saying that she was short sighted. It doesn't matter if Gu Mo grows up ugly, it doesn't matter if he is disabled in some way. She is the leader of the Gu family.

An'an, you can't control a man like Gu Mocheng. He loves you now, and he may not fall in love with other women later. Women are like flowers, they wither easily. When you are old, Gu Mocheng will be outside Find a girl younger than you.

The old man closed his eyes and pretended not to see anything. Gu Mocheng do cbd gummies actually work for pain heard the noise over there. He didn't speak. Su Anan said first, Well, mom called Ziming back and asked me to help him make up for his homework.

Gu was crying, Su Anan took out her phone and called Gu Mocheng. Gu Mocheng's phone was turned off. Su Anan continued to call, but failed to get through. She didn't think much and walked directly towards the door.

This matter ends here and cannot continue. As for the divorce of Mu Jinyu and Su Zihan, it will have to be discussed later. Send Jin Yu to the hospital. Mu Jin said to Mrs. Mu. Mrs. Mu went over to help Mu Jinyu, who was already being helped up. She felt extremely distressed when she saw Mu Jinyu's pale face.

It's beautiful. Su Ruochu's facial features are very delicate. Because she has been in the house all year round, her skin is very fair. She is as beautiful as the person in the painting, but she is a little thinner and her eyes are a cbd full spectrum gummies near me little dull.

However, she opened her eyes while kissing, and when she looked at Gu Mocheng's face, she felt sweet in her heart. Husband, you didn't take a shower. Gu Mocheng suddenly stopped and picked her up, making Su Anan anxious. She knew exactly what to do next, but he didn't take a shower.

4.Cbd Gummies For Tendonitis, does don lemon sell cbd oil

She had no place to hide and cry even if she wanted to. Gu Mocheng's approach warmed her heart, and she couldn't help but dig deeper into Gu Mocheng's arms. Husband. She called, her eyes moist.

An An's face turned red. Mrs. Gu saw that she could not abduct her daughter in law and lived in the old house, so she could only let her go. When leaving, Madam Gu and the others escorted Gu Mocheng to the car door.

How can I sleep here Send people back Impossible, he has already slept with it, so he can't give it back. Thirty one years old Nineteen Gu cbd oil for pain purchase cbd Mocheng's scalp was numb thinking about it, and he couldn't help but smoke quickly.

Sister in law is here. Your sister is in much better condition. Han Longyi smiled, not caring about Su Anan's murderous eyes at all, and still holding Su Ruochu's hand. Let go. Su Anan said angrily. When did Han Longyi have thoughts about his sister Han Longyi came to see his sister with this idea in mind from the very beginning. Su Anan suddenly felt like inviting a wolf into the house. When Su An'an and Han Longyi were talking, Su Ruochu glanced at Su An'an and squeezed Han Longyi's hand anxiously.

Two rooms were enough, plus a study room, so he could handle business when he came over. Mine Su Anan was stunned. Did Gu Mocheng buy it for her I don't want it. She thought and returned the key to Gu Mocheng.

Now that something happened to Zihan, I don't want anything to happen to you. As long as you admit your mistake and don't compete with Zihan for Jinyu in the future, the child's matter will be over.

Seeing that Mrs. Mu didn't reply, Jiang Mei curled up her lips and smiled. She walked to Mu Jinyu's bedside, smiled at Mu Jinyu and said, Jinyu, our Zihan will be handed over to you from now on. Mu Jin Yu didn't want it anymore, but Jiang Mei put Su Zihan's hand on the back of his hand.

She felt very embarrassed when she recalled what happened at the dinner table last night. As soon as Mrs. Gu saw her coming down, she quickly walked over. An'an, were you okay last gummies vs oil cbd night It's all your dad's fault for forcing you to drink.

gummies vs oil cbd

Su Anan smiled, and her guess was indeed correct. It was Jiang Mei who recruited Aunt Su just to make her life difficult. Second Aunt, the old man is stingy. He is afraid that I will let others take away my things, so he will let me take back all the valuable things as soon as I go out.

After leaving, He Qing's condition suddenly worsened and she died not long after. On the night of He Qing's death, Su Hua came to her side. Jiang Mei was so happy when she heard that her love rival was dead. She didn't feel at all that she had made He Qing angry to death.

They have been married for many years, and the matter of Mu Jin having a woman has never stopped. Mr. Mu took care of him, and Mu Jin started to listen, but within a few days he returned to his old ways. If Mrs.

Gu Mocheng's words affirmed that Su Anan was right to beat Mu Jinyu. It's not a good advantage to be manipulated by others. Su Anan felt particularly heart warming after hearing Gu Mocheng's words. It seemed that whatever he did was right in Gu Mocheng's eyes.

Since we can't get the certificate with Su Anan, we should take the person back. Okay, I'll call you after I set a time. After saying that, Mrs. Gu on the other end didn't want to hang up the phone.

I was socializing, so I didn't hear anything. Oh. Su Anan responded, knowing that Gu Mocheng hurried to Jingcheng to handle official business. Drink less. She thought for cbd gummy worms 10 mg a while and told Gu Mocheng, fearing that he would drink too much. Yeah. Gu Mocheng responded. He liked hearing Su An'an's concern.

I'm reminding you, don't mistake fish eyes for pearls. Your Gu family married a shameless daughter in law and treated her like a treasure. Thank you for the reminder. Mrs. Gu said coldly. Then she softened her expression and said, You just said that my daughter in law seduced your grandson. Yes. Are you blind You are still thick skinned Mrs.

Su Ruochu glanced at her and moved toward the bed, No, I promised to be with Asheng and we can't separate. Su Anan's eyes turned red when she saw Su Ruochu lowering her head and smiling stupidly at the bracelet.

Seeing that the old man was silent and ignored them, Mrs. Mu spoke up and looked at the police officer next to Mu Jin. Mu Jin told the police officer what happened when he brought the person here. Yaya, tell the old man what you saw.

If we continue this conversation, we have to wait until tomorrow morning. Forget it. wait until they meet, she will have a good sleep first, there will definitely gummies vs oil cbd be a battle waiting for her tomorrow. That night, Su Anan had a sexual dream.

He was standing there with his shirt unbuttoned, revealing his strong chest. Su Anan swallowed his saliva and had the urge to go up and touch it. Su Anan told herself to be reserved. She blushed, lowered her head, and said, Honey, I'm going out first.

Okay. Su Anan agreed, Then you have to be a little kid and bring me tea and water. When I'm unhappy, you have to beat me. Damn Fu Xin cursed, That's not true. Do you want me to work for you You're so cruel, An'an. Su An'an said with a smile, Let's see if you still dare to steal my husband How dare Fu Xin, only Su An'an is so cruel, Gu Mocheng's hand was chopped off by Su An'an just after touching it a few times.

She looked at Su Anan and smiled, It would be nice if I could follow a man like Gu Mocheng. As she said that, she reached out and took Su Anan's hand, and begged with a smile, Anan, let Gu Mocheng take me in.

What kind of wind is blowing today It brought Mr. Gu to me. Xiao Yan opened the door and came in, laughing and mocking. Gu Mocheng glanced at him and drank the red wine in the glass without replying to him.

Falling out of his eyes. My sister once loved a man. Su Hua disliked the boy's poor family and did not agree with them being together. My sister made does science cbd gummies work an appointment to elope with him, but he didn't come.

Han Longyi hung up the phone before Gu Mocheng could reply. Su Anan took the mobile phone handed over by Gu Mocheng and explained nervously, Husband, he and I have nothing to do. Gu Mocheng walked in front of her and did not reply to Su Anan, so anxious that Su Anan followed him and kept her head softly. Called husband.

It's so shameless to want to be Brother Jinyu's lover. Jiang Mei understood Mu Jinyu's words and saw Mu Jinyu clearly. After that, without Su Anan, Mu Jinyu might have other gummies vs oil cbd women outside. Zihan has a bad temper, and they don't know how their married life will turn out like this.

Called husband. That's enough. Gu Mocheng suddenly stopped and turned to look at Su Anan's shining eyes at night. The road to the Gu family's old house was lined with street lights. Under the shadow of Does Cbd Oil Mix Poorly With Medicines cbd oil for pain purchase cbd the lights, Gu Mocheng reached out and pulled her into his arms. Husband, today I asked Han Longyi for something. I didn't know his number before. The two of us rarely see each other.

Mr. apos s body can't bear the torment. After saying that, Uncle Chen winked at Su An'an. Blinking, Su An paused and her face turned red. The sound from the playback room just now spread throughout the Gu family. Not only Gu Mocheng heard it, but Uncle Chen and the servants outside also heard it. They thought they deliberately asked Gu Mocheng to watch a movie to enhance the interest between the two of them. It s over, this time I m really embarrassed and I ve been thrown into grandma s house.

Mrs. Mu returned to the ward with doubts in her heart. In the ward, Su Zihan was watching videos on her mobile phone. Mu Jinyu on the bed was thirsty and wanted to drink water. He called Su Zihan several times but was ignored, so he had to go and get it himself. cup. The hand was so weak that it was impossible to pick up the cup. The cup was smashed to the ground by Mu Jinyu, making a crisp sound.

Su An'an felt that Su Hua was strange. She glanced at Su Hua and walked towards the door of Su's house without saying anything. Before he could walk out of the iron gate of Su's house, he was stopped by He's mother on the way. Miss Third.

I'm really knowledgeable and interesting, and I won't pester cbd goodnight gummies him. Su An'an said. As she said that, she couldn't stand talking to Su Zihan here about these scoundrel words, so she pushed Su Zihan away and walked past her. Su Zihan was pushed and hit the door.

Think about it again, as the leader of the Gu family, Gu Mocheng has never seen any woman. He must have met a woman prettier than Suya before, but he was not tempted. It shows that he, Gu Mocheng, is not a man who likes women when he sees them. Su Anan discovered that Gu Mocheng's car was driving in the opposite direction to Gu's house.

An An, do you like teasing me so much Gu Mocheng asked while holding Su An'an. Su An'an blushed and smiled, and she replied, I don't know how to flirt with anyone except you. The little girl's flirting ability is very good, and even Gu Mocheng, who is in his thirties, is no match for her. Gu Mocheng looked at her seriously, lowered his head and kissed her.

He is better than you in everything. His character surpassed Mu Jinyu by a dozen. You said I didn't choose him, who would I choose Mu Jinyu turned blue with anger at Su An'an's words. Mu Jinyu, give up.

If she says so, grab her man and go out the door. Let me go, let me go quickly. Su Zihan gummies vs oil cbd moved desperately, and her person was lifted off the ground by the security guard. She kicked her feet desperately, but these actions did not make the security guard put her person down.

Mu's sake, Gu will condor cbd gummies en amazon not receive other guests just for them. Find more reporters, and get more media reports on their marriage recently. The more people there are on their wedding day, the better. Everyone in Ningcheng must know about it.

I know, mom. Su Zihan responded. Gu Mocheng sent Su An'an to the Gu family first. After a trip to the Gu family's old house, there was a tacit understanding between the two. They didn't talk along the way, but Su Anan couldn't help but purse her lips and smile when she looked at the man beside her. She really likes Gu Mocheng. When they arrived at Gu's house, Su Anan got out of the car. When the general in the garden saw Su Anan and the others coming back, they excitedly rushed towards Su Anan.

I slept very late, and I didn't even know when Su Anan left. When Gu Mocheng went downstairs, Mrs. Gu went to catch up on her sleep after not sleeping all night. The room was quiet. Gu Mocheng knew that Su Anan was gone, but he didn't know that she left the Gu family with her suitcase. Gu Zhen said that he didn't care about Gu Mocheng's affairs, but he was waiting for Gu Mocheng in the yard.

She didn't expect that she and Mu Jinyu had already received the certificates and were at the wedding banquet. Mu Jinyu actually told Su Anan that he wanted to gummies vs oil cbd take Su Anan away Su An'an, you bitch.

Mrs. Mu explained. Su Zihan snorted coldly, Really You were going to send Su An'an to the police station before, but why didn't you think Cbd Oil Sublingual of her mother's life saving grace Mu Jinyu and Mrs. Mu were embarrassed by these words.

He asked someone to check Gu Mocheng's whereabouts. Gu Mocheng had gone to Jingcheng in the past few days. He didn't show up at his place yesterday, so he didn't return to Ningcheng. Tell me, who were you with last night Su Hua stood up angrily, pointed at Su Anan and asked.

You keep this jade pendant. The old man said, putting the jade pendant into Su An'an's hand. When they saw the jade pendant, the Mu family all stood up. What is the old man doing He wants to hand over half of the Mu family to a girl.

Called husband. That's enough. Gu Mocheng suddenly stopped and turned to look at Su Anan's shining eyes at night. The road to the Gu family's old house was lined with street lights. Under the shadow of the lights, Gu Mocheng reached out and pulled her into Strongest Level Of Cbd Oil Per Ml What Strength Cbd Oil For Arthritis his arms. Husband, today I asked Han Longyi for something. I didn't know his number before. The two of us rarely see each other.

Mrs. Gu watched as he ran away. Gu Ziming thought of Su Anan again and said, Anan is still the best On the way out of Ningcheng University, as soon as Mu Jinyu came to the car, a group of people appeared out of nowhere. Without saying anything, they came over and beat him up.

But I can t be too cruel He stared at Su An'an angrily, looking at the tears on her face, and became more and more angry, Don't cry. When he yelled, Su An'an sobbed and stared at Gu Mocheng with two mist filled eyes.

Su An'an Thinking that the elegant gummies vs oil cbd cbd oil for pain purchase cbd old lady just now was Gu Mocheng's mother, she and Su An'an united to deal with herself. When he saw that he had fallen, it was clearly Mrs. Gu who used her status to help Su An, so that the Mu family had to let Su An go. When Su Zihan shouted the name Su An'an, her tone became sharp, and the smile on her face not only disappeared completely, but also showed a vicious look in her eyes, which made Mrs.

She couldn't stand it anymore and had to call Su An'an. After calling three times in a row, Su Anan came back to her senses. An'an, you were having sex just now. Fu Xin revealed Su Anan's thoughts with one sentence, which made Su Anan feel embarrassed.

After Su Hua finished speaking, Su Anan was stunned. Did she hear it wrong Su Hua actually said that she would be sent to another man's bed. Doesn't he know that he has followed Gu Mocheng What did Su Hua think of her Su An'an suddenly felt angry, and stared at Su Hua with disgust, Disgusting She cursed, and Su Hua mocked, An An, you found it yourself.

Go on, she's so lucky. Yeah. Su Anan nodded obediently, raised a smile, and said flatteringly, hubby, you are so kind Sweet words are very useful. Gu Mocheng looked at her smile and his mood improved.

No matter how Su Anan looked at it, she felt that the two of them were perfect for each other. It's a perfect match. Two people who are so matched must be together. Also, are you blind Can't you see that it's your brother Jinyu who is pestering me.

For the sake of the Su family's face, Su Hua did not dare rick warren cbd gummies to tell anyone that she had a crazy daughter, and she also locked her sister Strongest Level Of Cbd Oil Per Ml What Strength Cbd Oil For Arthritis here so that no one else would know. Oh. Su Anan responded absently, feeling very uncomfortable. When can she take her sister away from the Su family.

The old lady complained distressedly. After saying that, she said to Gu Mocheng displeasedly, Chengcheng baby, why didn't you send the person back by yourself yesterday Your mother, I miss you so much that my gummies vs oil cbd heart hurts.

I fell in love with him. I want to be with him for the rest of my life. This is what Su Anan thinks. It's very simple. She just wants to be with the person she likes. No matter what difficulties lie ahead, she just needs to be with the man she loves. However, if it were Su Ruochu now, if she loved that person and for that person's good, she didn't think she would insist on being with him anymore. Maybe she will let go, at least so that the person she loves will cbd oil cream for pain canada not live so miserable for their gummies vs oil cbd love.

Mu couldn't refuse. They would come with them. In fact, Jiang Mei knew that Su Zihan and Mu Jinyu were at odds because of Su An'an. She had to warn Mrs. Mu not to let Mu Jinyu be seduced by Su An'an again. Over there, Mu Jinyu perfunctorily said to Su Zihan, See for yourself. The beautiful wedding dress worn by Su Zihan was not as good as the dress Su Anan wore at the Su family banquet. That's called beauty, that's reviews of smilz cbd gummies called stunning.

Does Su Hua believe it I definitely think she's talking nonsense. Now they think so in their hearts. Because of Gu Mocheng's physical defects, Su An'an couldn't bear the loneliness. When she saw Mr.

When Mrs. Gu entered, Mrs. Xiao came to greet her. Here we are, waiting for you. Mrs. Xiao said with a smile. She likes to hold parties and will invite wealthy old ladies to her home for gatherings every once in a while. Xiao Yan is her youngest son.

If the seduction fails, let your dog bite. Bite Xiaobai obviously bit an animal. Su Anan raised the corner of her mouth and sarcastically said in her heart that it was exactly what she thought, and she made it seem like she was seducing him when Jiang Shengxu drugged her. He didn't even look at what Jiang Shengxu looked like.

Su Anan looked at his closed eyes with her eyes open, pursed her lips what do cbd gummies make you feel like involuntarily, and then closed her eyes. Her hands moved behind him and hugged him tightly. The two of them kissed from behind under the night sky. In the end, Su Anan leaned in Gu Mocheng's arms and refused to come out.

Fu Xin said with a smile and put his arms around Lu Heng. I just had a full meal with An An. Let's take An An back first. Lu Heng turned to look at Su An'an who lowered her head. Su An'an had an accident and entered the police station. Logically, she should call Gu Mocheng to pick her up. But Fu Xin called and asked him to come to the police station to fish them out together. In this way, Gu Mocheng didn't know about Su An'an's stay at the police station.

To put it bluntly, it was given to Jiang Shengxu to play with, and he wanted Jiang Shengxu to react Only her mother, Mrs. Jiang, could think of this method. Jiang Mei suddenly had a good idea. She approached Mrs.

Find someone to follow An An. Su Hua thought. Su Cbd Oil Dose For Lupus What Is Sour Tsumani High Cbd Oil Used For Ruochu ran away, and the only one she could find in Ningcheng was Su An'an. So if you keep an eye on Su Anan, you can find Su Ruochu. He couldn't let Ruochu stay outside alone. Han Longyi drove the car to a safe place, got out of the car and opened his trunk. The last time he opened the big box, there was a pile of clothes. This time, Su Ruochu packed it into the big box in front of him.

After listening to Jiang Mei, Su Zihan thought of the ten slaps last time, and her face suddenly felt hot and painful. Su An'an took Gu Mocheng away from you, and we can also take Gu Mocheng away from her.

Do you want to know her name Xiao gummies vs oil cbd cbd oil for pain purchase cbd Yan asked happily, Do you want to No. Gu Mocheng only thought about Su An'an's racing greenleaves cbd gummies and had no interest in other women. I really don't want to Xiao Yan continued to ask, If you knew her name, you would be shocked. I'm sure you will be angry He was so bored that he wanted to watch Gu Mo Cheng and beat someone up in anger.

He should chop off your hand. Second Uncle is a man who cannot be offended. Anyone who offends him will repay him a thousand times a hundred times. Don't talk nonsense with Mo Cheng. Su Anan said in a calm voice. She was not afraid that Gu Mocheng would chop off her hand, but she was afraid that he would be angry. It's okay not to say anything. Gu Ziming smiled proudly, There will be a competition next month, and we will compete again.

Dear guests, there was a little incident before. I'm really sorry. Is it an incident The bride grabbed the skirt of her wedding dress and ran directly to the stage, and even slapped the female assistant. In order to stop the video from being played, the mother of the bride tripped and dropped her panties.

Gu is not as deep as Zihan and Jinyu. Your second aunt and I are doing it for your own good, and we are afraid that you will be wronged in the future. Jiang Mei said, She described herself as a good stepmother who wholeheartedly considers Su Anan. Really Su Anan leaned against the wall and said disapprovingly.

She lowered her face, and her unhappy expression fell into the eyes of Mrs. Mu and Mu Jinyu. I don't dare to ask for it. Mrs. Mu said sarcastically, I'm afraid that if she gives birth to a child, she will be abused by her. It's not certain that the child will survive. She added. Su Zihan's status in Mrs.

Mr. Gu, you have to watch over the young master and don't let him stay gummies vs oil cbd with messy people anymore. Driving while drunk is a small matter, but fighting and killing people is a big deal. After listening to his words, Gu Mocheng could only think Does Cbd Oil Mix Poorly With Medicines cbd oil for pain purchase cbd of At the word irritable, he raised his voice and said, What's her name The leader thought that Gu Mocheng was angry that Gu Ziming got into trouble, so he smiled and said, Su An'an.

Mu was once targeted by Aunt Su. The Mu family's engagement, and Su Zihan didn't want Aunt Su to take it away, so Aunt Su had left early. Second Aunt, I Cbd Oil For Arthritis Rheumatoid Transforming Cbd Crystal Isolate Into Cbd Oil returned the necklace. Su An'an said.

Su Zihan felt that she was the daughter of the Su family, and if she didn't want it, Su Anan could pick it up and use it. Zihan, don't make fun of your whole life. Jiang Mei said for her sake. Su Zihan couldn't listen at all, Mom, don't worry, Su Anan won't have a good life in the future.

While Han Longyi was thinking about it, he saw Su Ruochu's figure through the kitchen door, with a smile on his lips. When the assistant came in, he was choked by the smell of cigarette smoke in the office and coughed repeatedly.

She should have found them for him to try on. Now it's okay, Xiaobai messed up the sexy clothes all over the place in the cloakroom, each one more exaggerated than the last, especially the black lace thong on Gu Mocheng's leather shoes.

I don't think about it at all. Su An An said disdainfully. If she wants to be Mu Jinyu's lover, is she blind or out of her mind Are you leaving Su Anan followed. Seeing Su An'an pretending not to be interested in Mu Jinyu, Su Zihan became annoyed.

ClassMake UpAscendancy
cbd oil for pain purchase cbdcbd and relax gummies gummies vs oil cbd

Did Su Hua ever think that one day he would come to beg Huo Sheng At the beginning, he and Su Ruochu fell in love. As soon as Su Hua heard about his family background, he dragged Su Ruochu away. He disliked his poverty and did not agree with him and Su Ruochu being together. Later, she decided to run away with Su Ruochu, but Su Ruochu didn't wait for the person Su Hua was looking for.

Su Hua was right when he said that after waking up, a sister needs her family. If someone knows that her sister is crazy, no good family wants her. Watching Su An'an leave the Su family, Su Hua angrily pushed everything on the coffee table to the ground. He then smashed the vase that was auctioned at a high price on the shelf next to him.

Su Hua saw that Su An was distracted and said seriously. Mr. Gu is a good does cbd oil stop pain by affecting the cbd 1 recepters in the brain man. Su Anan heard the meaning. Su Hua had never said that Gu Mocheng was a good man before. When he mentioned that Gu Mocheng said that he asked Gu Mocheng to invest. Could it be said that Gu Mocheng invested money in the Su family Gu Mocheng gave you money. Su Anan asked excitedly.

If you dare to bully her, I will stand up for her. No. Two sentences rang out at the same time. The first sentence was said by Fu pelican cbd and male enhancement gummies Xin, and the second sentence was answered by Gu Mocheng. I will be good to my wife. Gu Mocheng added. After listening to what Gu Mocheng said, Fu Xin nodded with satisfaction. She then pushed Su An'an, who was dazed beside her, to Gu Mocheng's side.

Su Anan only remembered this phone call after looking through the records. She didn't think it was anything. When Mu Jinyu was with Su Zihan behind her back, she never thought about turning back, or that she still had thoughts about him. Unless her brain is broken and she has the gene for abuse in her bones.

Gu Mocheng stood there and watched Su Anan go to the bathroom. This was not teasing him After flirting with her halfway, she still left. While thinking about What Is Topical Cbd Oil For it, Gu Mocheng's face showed a doting smile. Gu Mocheng drove Su An'an to the location agreed with Fu Xin.

An'an, what are you thinking about Su Anan looked at Gu Mocheng and defended, I'm not thinking randomly. Before many couples get married, the woman hopes that the man will have her own share of the house so that she can protect herself in the event of divorce.

He had a ghostly look on his face and was obviously suffering from kidney deficiency. Is it necessary for her to leave the handsome and powerful Gu Mocheng alone and go hook up with the terrible Jiang Shengxu When Jiang Shengxu was bitten, Su Hua's anger soared even higher, Su An'an, look at gummies vs oil cbd the good things you did Not only did he not invite Gu Mocheng for him, but he also hurt the young master of the Jiang family and made the Jiang family unhappy.

Gu Ziming was stunned and knew that Su Anan was interested in his motorcycle baby. Okay The two of them will definitely win this game if they join forces. The pocket money in my pocket is not enough during this period, and I will have enough money by winning the bonus. Gu Ziming thought to himself, but he looked at Su Anan in front of him, Anan, if my second uncle knows about your racing, you must not betray me.

Mrs. Gu said, You have wronged someone and you have to apologize to me. She then acted as if she didn't apologize and the matter was never over. If you want her daughter in law to apologize, apologize to her daughter in law first.

Jiang. The video at the wedding banquet was obviously planned by Gu Mocheng. They couldn't touch Gu Mocheng, but they could fight against Su An'an. Su Hua now needs Gu Mocheng's funds and will not embarrass Su An'an.

Even if the video of today's wedding is broadcast, it will not change the fact that they are married. Then, Su Zihan and Mu Jinyu got into trouble. stiiizy cbd gummies Su Anan looked at her husband while thinking about it. No wonder others said that Mr.

Is she beautiful Gentle What's annoying is that she gave up such a good Gu Mocheng. She is so annoying Su Anan directly said what was in his heart. Uncle Chen smiled and said, Madam thinks she is annoying, so he must also be annoying in his heart. Is that so Men never forget their first love.

There's no rush, we'll think of something else. Jiang Mei said, saying she wasn't in a hurry, but she was very anxious in her heart. Her mother dotes on Jiang Shengxu very much, and Jiang Shengxu's useless life is simply breaking the old lady's heart. The old woman hated Su Anan.

You know where my bottom line is Su Hua said gloomily. Second Aunt Su successfully aroused the hidden anger in his heart and reminded him of things he didn't want to think of. Husband, I Jiang Mei cried, and she called in a soft voice. Put away your tears, your hypocritical look makes me sick.

When it's almost time, we can help, and then let Su Hua buy a daughter again Okay, Mr. Huo. After the man finished speaking, he turned and left the box. Huo Sheng watched the door of the box close again.

Zihan. Jiang Mei caught up and saw Su Zihan at the door and called. Let's go down. Jiang Mei took Su Zihan's hand and said. Su Zihan looked at Su Ruochu and thought of Su An'an. She shook off Jiang Mei's hand and rushed in directly. Su Ruochu felt Su Zihan coming in. She raised her head and stared blankly.

After saying that, she flattered Gu Mocheng with a smile on her face, Chengcheng, drink it. This is good. Stuff. Mrs. Gu was so two faced towards Gu Mocheng and Gu Zhen, and Gu Zhen was so angry Cbd Oil Cream For Arthritis cbd oil for pain purchase cbd that she hummed. I've been stewing it for a long time. I won't drink it. When Gu Mocheng heard that Mrs.

Su Anan was unhappy and said, I can bear it. Husband, You can't bear it. Su An'an's words were simply courting death, An An, you asked for this yourself. Gu Mocheng warned, Su An'an looked at his face, smiled, and nodded.

Moreover, Su Ruochu could not forgive Su Hua for locking her up for gummies vs oil cbd seven years. What she hated even more was that Su Hua had not taken good care of An An these years and actually used himself to force An An to marry Gu Mocheng.

Halfway through the meal, Su Anan really couldn't stand the red wine shaking in Fu Xin's hand. The dark red liquid tempted Su An'an to want to commit a crime. She was so uncomfortable that she could only drink the water as red wine, but even this could not satisfy her craving. When will she be able to drink red wine It was uncomfortable, really uncomfortable.

Dad, how could I not think about the Su family I am your daughter. Hearing this, Su Hua raised the corner of his mouth and smiled sarcastically, which made Su Anan feel inexplicably uncomfortable Su An'an, if you want the Su family to live well, you should listen to me, serve Gu Mocheng well, and let Gu Mocheng invest in Su's projects.

I want her to be a lover who cannot be on the stage in her life. Jiang Mei frowned after listening to Su Zihan's words. gummies vs oil cbd She was worried about one thing. The main reason why Su Zihan insisted on marrying Mu Jinyu was Su An'an.

Rush out. After hearing Su Zihan's cry for help, Mrs. Gu gummies vs oil cbd ran out. When she saw the blood on the ground, she became dizzy and fell to the ground. I fainted before I could gummies vs oil cbd say Who dares to bully my daughter in law I wanted to shout. She forgot that she was bleeding The quarrel between Su Zihan and Su An'an had attracted attention before. Su Ya walked out after Mrs. Gu fainted.

Su Anan nodded, and she was wondering whether she was cheating on Gu Mocheng if she was pretending to be obedient and went out to drink and race. Well, very well behaved. Gu Mocheng said, looking down at Su An'an's well behaved appearance, he was very satisfied. This is like treating a pet.

Zihan, why don't you forget about the wedding Mu Jinyu actually had cbd gummy beara the idea of raising a lover outside, and Zihan would not be happy even if she married him. No. Su Zihan refused. She really liked Mu Jinyu.

Su Anan hid gummies vs oil cbd in the bathroom. Seeing Gu Mocheng walk out after making a phone call, she was a little afraid of her mother in law. I always feel like her mother in law wants to treat her like a toy. Well, Su Anan feels right.

If she doesn't return the jade pendant, they will definitely disrupt her life again and again. Why bother getting along with a bunch of annoying people Su Anan gave the Does Cbd Oil Mix Poorly With Medicines cbd oil for pain purchase cbd old man's face. No matter what, the old man was sincere to himself before. This time she went over and returned the jade pendant to the Mu family.

For a moment, there was silence in the study. After a long time, Gu Mocheng couldn't feel the movement on his back, and he whispered, An'an. He slowly turned around and found that Su Anan had really fallen asleep with her eyes closed on gummies vs oil cbd his back. What a little girl, she falls asleep whenever she wants.

She was really happy that her son was getting married and having children. The old man liked her company, and Su Anan also listened gummies vs oil cbd to her and rushed back and forth to school. It's just that sometimes the driver's uncle drives a little slower and doesn't overtake on the road, which makes Su An'an, who is used to driving fast, feel uncomfortable. Today, it was still drizzling, and Su Anan took a rest.

She whispered, The eldest lady is missing. When Su cbd oil for pain management privacy policy Hua heard this, he stopped smoking and looked at He's mother in surprise. What Where To Buy Best Cbd Oil Colorado do you mean missing Mother He was anxious and scared. She took a step back and said, In the afternoon, I went upstairs to see the eldest lady, and there was no one in the room.

An An, come up. The old man who went upstairs spoke and waved to Su An'an. Su An'an, who had sent a text message to Gu Mocheng, was waiting for Gu Mocheng's message. When Rawsome Cbd Oil Fort Worth she gummies vs oil cbd heard the old man's words, Cbd Oil Dose For Lupus What Is Sour Tsumani High Cbd Oil Used For she raised her head.

It has nothing to do with me. As he said this, Su Hua took a deep drag on his cigarette. What Is Topical Cbd Oil For He kept telling himself in his heart that Su Anan was the one to blame. It was she who didn't care about the life and death of the Su family and asked Gu Mocheng to withdraw capital.

Okay, okay Mr. Mu said How Much Is Cbd Oil Per Liter gummies vs oil cbd angrily, Very good, you are in charge of this family. Dad. Mu's father called out anxiously. The old man still had the power of the Mu family in his gummies vs oil cbd hands, so he couldn't be too If you offend the old man, he will be cruel and give the remaining power and money to his younger brother. It's not that we don't listen to you.